Meet my tiny plant friends! Taking care of plants is one of my favourite ways to pass time so I'm sharing this hobby with you!
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Tiny Plant Friends | Meet My Tiny Plants!

I love plants. I love them so much, in fact, that my first non-bookish post was about plants! Ever since I got my first English Ivy sometime early last year, both my bedroom and workspace have pretty much become an urban jungle. I wouldn’t even be surprised if I bought more plants than books last year – no, I’m not kidding! I love them big, small, green, colorful, in all shapes and sizes… In today’s post; my tiny plant friends!

My tiny plants are probably my favorites. I love my Moth Orchid and my Weeping Fig, but there’s nothing more satisfying than watching a tiny plant grow. I don’t even categorize my spider plant (featured in this post) as “tiny” anymore because its leaves grew so tall I might need to repot it soon. Like, I literally couldn’t fit it in my photos! I haven’t been very successful growing my other plants so far, though. My tiny English Ivy probably drowned, my first string of hearts plant suddenly fell apart and after growing and repotting my pink Wandering Jew, it died on me as well. I also had to replace my Fittonia because it went without water for a day or two too long… Such a drama queen, hahah!

Meet my tiny plant friends! Taking care of plants is one of my favourite ways to pass time so I'm sharing this hobby with you!

Plant Here, Plant There

I have tiny plants all over my bedroom and workspace. Pretty much any place you can put a plant, you’ll find one. On desks, cabinets, in the windowsill… Any flat surface, basically. It’s going kiiiiiind of crazy. There are two reasons for this: 1) they’re cheap and always on sale. At least at the garden centers I shop at. Usually, they’re like 3 for €5 and that goes for the pots as well. 2) I can place them pretty much anywhere. I’m running out of space for bigger plants, and sometimes I even struggle to find a place for a vase of fresh flowers. With these tiny plants, I don’t have that problem. I can put them next to a bigger plant, on my desk, in the windowsill on my bookshelf… Endless possibilities!

My Tiny Plant Friends

My favorite tiny plants are definitely my String of Hearts and Fittonia. They’re on my workspace desk because that’s where I sit most of the time and I just love looking at them! I am considering repotting my Fittonia, though… I’m super picky; the plant is my favorite, but the pot isn’t… Ah, the dilemma! And isn’t it ironic that these are my favorites, but I somehow killed them before? How does that happen? Too much love?! My arrowhead plant is one of the first plants I bought and the first one that wasn’t entirely green. I’m so proud of this one because it’s growing so big! I’d almost go as far as to happily shout ‘it hasn’t died yet!’ My most recent additions are my tiny Ti Plant and Painted-Leaf Begonia. These are the last ones I bought before lockdown and that kinda makes them special to me, hahah!

The Tiny Plant Wishlist

I’m quite picky when it comes to plants. I don’t want them to have colorful flowers, no terrifying!! cacti and they’re preferably “special”, as in, I haven’t seen them before, they don’t have your ‘basic’ green leaf, etc. It makes no sense, honestly, hahah! I’m usually not looking for anything in particular. I just run into beautiful plants! There are a few that I want to add to my collection, though! First is a new pink Wandering Jew. My first one thrived in a small pot, but slowly died when I repotted it. I had another that was kind of ‘meh‘ from the start and even though I tried everything I couldn’t save it! Another plant on my wishlist is a colorful succulent. Preferably a pink or purple one. They’re so cute! I bought some cuttings to propagate them, but I feel like they’ve lost their colors since planting them.

Meet my tiny plant friends! Taking care of plants is one of my favourite ways to pass time so I'm sharing this hobby with you!

Lessons For Life

Taking care of my plants has turned into my favorite hobby. I’ve actually found it very educational as well! My mom always helps me (re)pot plants, but recently I figured out I could try it by myself. Bigger plants are still a struggle, but my tiny plants are a piece of cake. This goes for watering and cutting them as well. Bigger plants are just a little… big, hehe. I find my tiny plants easier to care for, and I see it as a way to learn to take proper care of all my plants. I’d say if you’re looking for a new hobby, why not buy some plants and take care of them? It’s so satisfying to see them grow and thrive!

Do you have any plants? Which one is your favorite? Do you have a wishlist?

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