• Meet my tiny plant friends! Taking care of plants is one of my favourite ways to pass time so I'm sharing this hobby with you!
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    Tiny Plant Friends | Meet My Tiny Plants!

    I love plants. I love them so much, in fact, that my first non-bookish post was about plants! Ever since I got my first English Ivy sometime early last year, both my bedroom and workspace have pretty much become an urban jungle. I wouldn’t even be surprised if I bought more plants than books last year – no, I’m not kidding! I love them big, small, green, colorful, in all shapes and sizes… In today’s post; my tiny plant friends!

  • Taking care of plants has become a new hobby over the past year! In this post: my plant care journey full of trail and error!
    Lifestyle,  Plants

    Future Plant Princess

    Whew, guys! I finally have some time to blog again! Time to get those drafts published and work out all the blog ideas I’ve had floating around my brain for months. I turned – taking care of – plants into a hobby, and I’ve actually acquired quite a bunch of green plant friends over the past few months. It’s an exciting new journey from just having fresh flowers every few weeks to taking care of “permanent” indoor plants and I’d love to share my experiences with you!