About the Blog

Damn Mysterious is your go-to place for everything books and lifestyle. My love for books and my constant need to talk about them is what inspired me to create my blog. What once started as a book-only blog has turned into a personal journal – of sorts. When it comes to books, Fantasy is where it’s at! Although we do sometimes venture into different genres as well.

Lifestyle is still quite new at Damn Mysterious, but I write about topics like (mental) health, my personal life, plants, home decor, my cat… The list doesn’t end there! I’ll guess you’ll have to stick around and see what pops up. I hope you’ll feel right at home between my books and journal entries.

About Me

Hello! My name is Ayla, and since my mom read my name in a book once, I was destined to become a bookworm, hehe! I finished my study as Editorial Assistant in 2017 and studied Communications for a year afterward. Only to find out I’d better just stick to blogging. That line of work wasn’t for me! Now I have a full-time position as 1st sales associate and pharmacist in my local drug store – a job that I love! During my time off, you can find me blogging, reading, streaming a show or movie, taking care of my plants, playing with my cat, or listening to music.